Nagasaki Prefecture Seminar ( 10 February 2018)


Wakayama Prefecture Seminar (16 December 2017)


Seminar on Autumn Fish in Japan (11 November & 13 November 2017)


Nagasaki Prefecture Seminar (5 August 2017)

Miyagi Salmon Seminar (10 June 2017)



刺身 レモン醤油で    

Sashimi with Lemon and Soy Sauce





3 Kinds of Sushi

- Marinated with Soy Sauce

- Seared

- Miyagi Salmon and Avocado Sushi Roll with Japanese Pepper Sauce





Rikyu Yaki - Grilled Salmon with Sesame Sauce




Nanban Zuke - Deep Fried Salmon Marinated with Vinegar Sauce




Homemade Smoked Salmon Salad



Sake Kasu Jiru - Sake less Soup with Miyagi Salmon




鮭なめろう 磯部揚げ

Sake Namerou Isobe Age

Minced Salmon Wrapped with Nori Seaweed Tempura





Sake to Edamame Takikomi Gohan

Miyagi Salmon and Edamame Claypot Rice





Hokkaido Fish Seminar (22 Apr 2017)


帆立     Scallop


刺身          Sashimi

マヨネーズ和え     Deep Fried Scallop with Mayonnaise Sauce


いくら      Salmon Roe


Salmon Roe, Sea Urchin and Snap Pea with Salt Rice Malt


Grilled Salmon and Salmon Roe Clay Pot Rice


鮭      Salmon

ちゃんちゃん焼     Grilled Salmon with Miso Sauce on Ceramic Plate

鮭の紅ショウガ天ぷら  Salmon Tempura Ginger Flavor


鰈       Flat Fish

刺身     Sashimi

寿司     Sushi


鰊       Herring Fish

刺身     Sashimi

寿司     Sushi



Osaka Fish Seminar (11 Mar 2017)


タコ    Tako Octopus


タコ刺身          Octopus Sashimi

タコときゅうりの酢の物    Boiled Octopus and Cucumber with Vinegar Sauce

タコと長いも、ゴボウの炊き込みご飯    Octopus, Yam Claypot Rice


鰆     Sawara Spanish Mackerel


鰆と春キャベツの蒸し物           Steamed Spanish Mackerel & Cabbage


しらす    Shiarsu Baby Sardine


季節の野菜としらすのお浸し     Stewed Green with Fried Baby Sardine

しらす梅うどん                           Udon Noodle with Baby Sardine and Sour Plum

しらす細巻                                  Baby Sardine Sushi Roll


黒鯛     Kurodai Black Porgy


刺身      Sashimi

寿司      Sushi


Hiroshima Fish Seminar (18 Feb 2017)

  Sea Bream


鯛刺身  Sea Bream Sashimi

真鯛寿司  Sea Bream Sushi




太刀魚  Scabbard Fish


太刀魚焼霜造り  Skin Seared Scabbard Fish Sashimi


やっさだこ   Octopus


たこ刺身   Octopus Sashimi

たこ刺身   Simmered Octopus and White Raddish


穴子    Sea Eel


煮アナゴ寿司  Sea Eel Sushi



牡蠣     Oyster

牡蠣ポン酢  Fresh Oyster with Ponzu Sauce

牡蠣陶板焼き  Grilled Oyster on Ceramic Plate

カキフライ  Deep Fried Oyster with Bread Crumbs

牡蠣炊き込みご飯  Oyster Claypot Rice


Suma Seminar and Food Tasting (14 Jan 2017)




Refrigeration Technology Seminar (12 Jan 2017)



Pride Fish by Seasons


Spring Pride Fish


Summer Pride Fish


Autumn Pride Fish


Winter Pride Fish

Food & Hotel Asia 2016 - Singapore (12 to 15 April 2016)



Okinawa Marine Products Seminar - 5 March 2016


Hokuriku Marine Products Seminar - 16 January 2016





Kyushu Marine Products Seminar - 7 November 2015





Aomori Marine Products Seminar - 3 October 2015




Shizuoka Marine Products Seminar - 12 September 2015




Chiba Marine Products Seminar - 5 September 2015








Japan Fisheries has given the title "PRIDE FISH" to all the fresh and in-season fishes in Japan that were chosen by the professional fishermen. In addition we have opened WADATSUMI restaurant in Singapore this February 2015 where people can try these fishes from Japan; with the aim of expanding consumption of our fishes around the world.

In this program, we convey the appeal of Japanese fishes to the audience by featuring the passion that local fishermen have towards fishes and the best ways to eat them.

What also makes this educational program so special is the fact that this is jointly produced by the Japanese and Singaporean staffs. By featuring PRIDE FISH from all around Japan including nodoguro in Shimane, oyster in Hiroshima, scarlet-tinged tai in Hyogo and tuna in Tokyo, we deliver the appeal of Japanese Fish!

You can also click here for more information on the show.

Dates of broadcast

- Every thursday in March 2015, 20:30 - 21:00

● 05 March 15 (Thu) Ep.1: Hamada, Shimane(Nodoguro)

● 12 March 15 (Thu) Ep.2: Hatsuka, Hiroshima(Oyster)

● 19 March 15 (Thu) Ep.3: Akashi, Hyogo (Scarlet-tinged Tai)

● 26 March 15 (Thu) Ep.4: Tsukiji, Tokyo (Tuna)

● Total: 4 Episodes (30mins each)

Available in Singapore on StarHub TV Channel 149 (complimentary) and SingTel TV, Channel 261 (Family+ Pack)
: Ms. Anita Kapoor (Experienced host in Singapore)
: BIGFACE, FUJI TELEVISION NETWORK,INC, JF-ZENGYOREN, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications